The U.S. murdered Germany, Japan and the Asian Tigers – now it tries to persuade China to commit suicide

China has not only set a goal of short-term economic acceleration in 2023 compared to the pandemic period but also a clear strategic economic target ...
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Key lessons from the failure of the US and success of China’s economic stimulus programmes

Introduction It is well known that China will continue economic stimulus measures in 2023 – the only serious discussion is of what type. To be ...
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Global economic destabilisation is “Made in the U.S.” not “Made in Ukraine”

The cost of living crisis, due to rapidly rising inflation, is hitting the people of numerous countries. The US is attempting to claim the cause ...
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US calls for China to adopt policy to kill millions of Chinese by Covid in name of “human rights”

Few issues show more clearly the real difference between the pro-human oriented policies of socialism in China and pro-capital oriented policies of the U.S. than ...
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The international and historical significance of the resolution on the history of the CPC

The following article was originally published in Chinese by The “Resolution on the Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Party over the Past ...
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Reduction in carbon emissions must be carried out as quickly as possible – and above all by advanced economies

An earlier article, “COP26: Why Advanced Countries Must Proportionately Make By Far the Biggest Cuts in Carbon Emissions – Factual Briefing,” analysed the data produced ...
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