Theoretical Basis

One year on, impact of Xi’s agenda-setting Davos speech still felt

​Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech to the Davos World Economic Forum one year ago, on January 17, 2017, decisively shaped international discussion - the US ...
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Theoretical bases of China’s “win-win” foreign policy concept

In his speech on Asia's "Community of Common Destiny" at 2015'a Boao Forum, Chinese President Xi Jinping spelled out China's conception of "win-win" relations in Asia ...
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How Xi Jinping’s Marxism out-thinks the West

The Hamburg G20 summit was a further stage in a process that has been developing strongly during the  2017: a recognition that a new stage ...
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Hamburg G20 Summit highlights China’s ‘thought leadership’

The Hamburg G20 summit will come in a year which has seen a new stage in China’s global impact. Ever since the international financial crisis ...
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