Published by John Ross, Senior Fellow Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China

The news is full of headlines about ‘China’s economic collapse’ — ignore them

Once again, the Western media Establishment, and sadly some on the left, are talking up…

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My Thoughts on Receiving China’s Top Book Award for Foreign Writers on China

In June I was one of the recipients of the Special Book Award of China….

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NATO expansion destabilised Europe, further expansion would destabilise the world

On 11-12 July NATO is holding its summit in Vilnius. Top of the agenda is…

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The first international issue of Wenhua Zongheng is a landmark event for the global left

By John Ross Wenhua Zongheng is a newly launched international publication bringing together articles originally…

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The U.S. murdered Germany, Japan and the Asian Tigers – now it tries to persuade China to commit suicide

China has not only set a goal of short-term economic acceleration in 2023 compared to…

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Consequences and lessons of the new U.S. bank collapses

This article was originally published in Chinese at The collapse in rapid succession of…

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Quelles sont les forces qui poussent les USA à une agression militaire internationale croissante?

John Ross ( )  24 avril 2022 Cet article de John Ross (Luo Siyi) est la traduction sous forme raccourcie d'un texte ( publié dans ...
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Biden’s “democracy summit” – how Marx showed the fake character of capitalism’s concept of “human rights”

The absurdly misnamed “Democracy Summit”, hosted by Biden on 9-10 December, the real “non-democratic” character of which is analysed below, is widely and rightly understood ...
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COP26: why advanced countries must proportionately make by far the biggest cuts in carbon emissions – factual briefing

The COP26 conference on climate change is discussing an issue which will profoundly affect every person on our planet. Climate change, together with nuclear war, ...
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